A Word to Close out 2020

In just 2 more days we will be saying goodbye to 2020 and for me it could not have come sooner! This has been a very difficult year, little did we know what we were about to face when we closed out 2019 and rang in 2020.

This has been a year of a pandemic that has effected many lives and even taken some. It’s been a year of much division. It’s been felt in my home, among my relatives and even in my church which I love deeply. As Followers of Christ our freedoms have been tested. I personally have felt the weight of this year as I know you have too. 

I read a scripture that tells us of one of the reasons why as Followers of Christ we have faced some troubles, it’s found in 1.Samuel 18:12

“Saul was afraid of David because the Lord was with him but had departed from Saul”. 

Everything that Saul tried to do against David, failed. It wasn’t easy for David to endure murder attempts against him, or being chased by Saul and his army and to find himself hiding for his life. Having a target on his back did not feel good for David.

You’ve probably felt the same way this year. You felt as if a target was on your back and everyone who could take a shot at you, did. Things did not go well, family stuff was not easy to deal with, you felt the pressure of work and making ends meet and just when you thought things would get better, they didn’t.

Here is a bit of good news as you close out this year, the Lord is with you. This is what made David strong and filled with courage, he knew that God had not left him (which is what happened with Saul), he knew God was with him! Wow, what a great truth!

Whatever troubles you have been faced with, some troubles come because people are afraid of you. You need to know this. Because you live your life for Christ and people don’t know what to make of you, they will resort to what comes naturally to them, they will want to hurt you. The Bible tells us this is suffering for righteousness sake. It’s hard and doesn’t feel good, but it is a part of our walk with Christ.

Whatever 2021 has for you, know this one sure thing, God is with you.